…And You All Thought I Died

I apologize for the lack of updates, but I think a congratulations is in order, as I HAVE SURVIVED A HELL WEEK! mixed with ~heaven~ (ooooooo!) Wanna hear about it? Of course you do! Thursday was my last day of (first summer session) class, but I had a final paper yet to write, due on Tuesday… which kinda made me nervous, as my weekend was full, starting with my runway modeling debut—that’s right. I didn’t announce this beforehand out of fear that people I know might actually show up, which I now regret—it was awesome, and I_was_fabulous. The event took place at Minneapolis’ Quest Club (formerly known as Glam Slam, owned by the artist formerly known as Prince).

Oh yeah—I graced the same stage on which I’ve seen the likes of Bad Religion, A Perfect Circle, AFI, Orbital, Josh Wink, Christopher Lawrence, Sasha and Digweed, Darren Emerson, Paul Oakenfold, dj Keoki, St. Germain, Donald Glaude, Humpty Vission, VAST, System of a Down, Lords of Acid, Type O Negative, The Get Up Kids, and a handful of other bands and a truckload of djs. Like… I stood… where those people stood. And it. Was. Good.

The designer whose clothes I modeled is supposed to send me pictures (she’s a coworker, and this whole deal was a favor, dig? not something I’d ever considering doing for the hell of it, though now… I don’t know, it was a lot of fun… weird, huh? 🙂 Anyway, do I get pictures, I’ll post ’em. Hee.

The following day began with me driving four hours to southeastern NoDak for a family reunion, heading out at 10 pm for a partydancerave (…semantics semantics semantics…) a few miles shy of Fargo, busting loose ’til half past seven the next morning, crashing five hours, then driving back to Minneapolis Sunday afternoon.

Monday Monday Monday! I started a new class and went to The Get Up Kids, after which I drowned myself in iced tea hoping the caffeine would carry me only to have my brain shut down—I then lie in bed for four hours chanting expletives with every muscle twitchin until 3:30 in the morning, at which point I started the six-page final paper on Absolutely Nothing We Didn’t Discuss In Class, finishing at 11 am for a grand total of 19 hours of sleep in a 96 hour period, convincing me I’m some sort of champion genius robot goddess, i.e.—I rule.

Site news: the Ministry has a few more additions and the forum name has taken a cynical turn. Nobody wins the “What does ‘The Carnival of Putting Down the Flesh’ mean?” contest ’cause nobody got it: Carnival, or “carne vale” = “farewell to the flesh” (wacka wacka wacka, okay, I’m dumb). I do, however, hereby award recognition for Superior Achievement In Being A Cool Person to Lee S. of Minneapolis, who despite having no idea who I am or what exactly my book is about distributed TTE flyers at the sci-fi/fantasy fest CONvergence a couple weekends ago. Many thanks for your help, Lee—may good vibes be upon you.

Current song selections: “Get Me Away From Here, I’m Dying” by Belle & Sebastian, “Dolphins Were Monkeys” by DJ Shadow vs. Ian Brown, and “Candy Coated Dream” by Neutral Milk Hotel. Mp3s are fun. Not that I… have any… or anything. Hm.

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