Secretly Punk Rock

I attended the multi-band, skateboard/bmx/motocross fest Warped Tour in St. Paul a couple weeks ago… yeah, yeah, I’m way slow with updates these days—work, school, blah blah blah. Anyway. I had a lot of fun despite not seeing Bad Religion because of the massive flash-flood rainstorm and having missed most of Thursday because the tour started early and they were only letting in about 30 people at a time. Not about to let civility and common decency get in the way, I cut ahead of several hundred people and managed to catch the last three songs.

To avoid passing out from heat exhaustion (it was well over 90 degrees and disgustingly humid) I salvaged a filthy, stinking rag from the pit after The Casualties, wet it down in a muddy puddle, and wrapped the dripping mess around my head. Later, starved but hardly willing to pay five bucks for a cup of fries, I picked discarded food off the ground and ate it.

Ahhhhhhhh Warped Tour, the punkest day of the year. Or something. I took some pictures, most of which sucked, but then my (reusable) camera got wet in the downpour which created all sorts of bizarre and neat effects, like this dork-but-wild one of me.

In addition to dehydration then severe chills from the storm, I underwent my annual sunburn-finally-turned golden tan—now I look like a real, live, human being. Yay. Sort of.

Right now I’m on three non-consecutive hours of sleep, so if this update’s disappointing, unprofessional, and hardly worthy of “news” and all that is deepsicks, well… get over it.

Some hippies in a Winnebago flashed me the peace sign as I trailed ’em on 35W today… I wanted to pull them over and force them to take me hostage. I envy… no, admire… no, envy. Movement.

Sparta’s “Wiretap Scars” goes on sale the 13th. Get it. < end transmission >

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