Hello, internets. I’m backed up on images with words falling into other places, and that’s just fine. April was roaming the seaside.








I was in a new temporary neighborhood, with a housesat decrepit cat in a temporary frame of mind, tromping around in Papa Bear’s purple Crocs and watching BBC’s Planet Earth in a pile of fever, blankets. Funny. Having been removed from routine, I can almost disconnect the depth of poor health, now on the mend before another unraveling, I guess, and I like this illusion of no delusion, danger, no damage there was no match to the near-death! with Canadian healthcare queues and questionable concern. With this errant corpse my mind calls home.

I’ll elaborate on this, I suppose, in fantastic morbid tones when the time is right—if and when I get some answers. In the meantime, hope the time stays wrong.

Last weekend I flew to St. Paul for Sam’s law school graduation.


It was a short, surreal trip of family, fajitas, friends, GPS hijinks and hanging out with Dan and all awesomeness entailed therein including but not limited to the Bulgarian State Radio Choir at the Basilica and bun chay deliciousness on a bright sesquicentennial celebration day wandering around Frogtown taking pictures of fonts and nonsensical signs. He bought me a tin of tea and a set of crowbars. I introduced him to Vietnamese iced coffee and my family. We went to the fuckin’ mall, no apologies. I didn’t crash my dad’s car even once.

Laughing with the ones I love, for a few days I felt home. Then I returned to where all my stuff is.

But I have things to work on, oh yes I do. Projects and possibilities and taking advantage of myself when I feel like myself. I miss Minneapolis and I miss Vancouver. I’m going to miss everything, eventually. I’d be a fraud times fool to not enjoy it, this here right now then wrong there there, show my love show my teeth while I can. Am.

So look at some pictures while I duck behind this curtain, make reason pay attention, make certain nothing’s certain and accept it till the tension disappears.

Things that happen are just things that happen.















We are all just things that happen.



  • Bree

    May 24, 2008 at 2:41 pm

    It was so fabulous to see you.

  • megh

    May 24, 2008 at 5:40 pm

    Indeedy–back at’cha. I’ve been using my new mascara, *bats lashes*, see? Send the report!

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