our trolls are no face

I wonder if they know the other side of the tunnel will only show the same sunset storm sky, but I suppose this assumes they’ll make it. Takes it for granted they saw it once already and decided it wasn’t enough or what they thought telling or important to confront, to mend. Didn’t hit the right notes, speak the right language. Convince of a future of further dismantling.

Facts are so goddamn boring.

Lies tell our hearts what is true.

If one more time I hear “kick the can down the road,” I will exPLOrobably say nothing.

Poverty, greed, disgrace and disgust all need better emotional branding.


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  • Anca

    July 18, 2011 at 6:44 pm

    “Kick the can down the road” … heard it a lot recently in Obama’s speeches on Whitehouse’s youtube channel, which I shamesly am subscribed to, watch and admire (80-85%), although I always wanted to travel anywhere else in the world except America.
    what I like/agree with from his style: – diplomacy, style neutral to transmit multi-dimensional messages, yet flexible enough for me to manage to detach my own personal livig and assumptions from what communities and nations are living.
    what I dislike/disagree from his style; – even though subtle, still throwing some parts against other (the old-fashioned invisible enemy).
    Why I replied – the title. From 12 to 30 years old had no face dreams that I would remember in the morning. Everything was ‘presence’-like, no face,no identification feeling (female?male?human, at least). This includes sensual fantasies. For some reason, ‘presence’ was always felt positive, even when weird.
    When I hear politics, my knowledge, even willingness is still very much limited, to the very few quotes remembered from Obama’s book “audacity of hope” (“politicians are people who get to fail in public”;’how he raised funds for election – speading some time with wealthy people ok to pay money in exhange for someone to listen to their ideas’ – this opened my eyes to importance of info and power of propagating ideas).
    & ‘Too big to fail’, mentioned often by Obama-dude, which I slugged through until quote on page 512 finally brought a smile: “Dick Chainey was desperate to give George Bush some intelligence.”.

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