my first sxsw

It was my first South by Southwest, smack in the heart of the beast of roving gangs of musicians and geeks emitting burned CDs like throwing stars, rising. So many bright eyes! such energy, me my own best self.

My Geek the Library photo. It says, I geek monsters. I'm gritting my teeth and look creepy.

I had to work during most of it (my actual job, that is—not at SX), but did manage to get my mug on the internet for a conversation about innovation in libraries and dance in a cardboard robot head at an MIT party.

I'm dancing with a cardboard box on my head with another person.

We crashed the fun and games at the IEEE bazaar and made funny faces.

Arthur and I are in front of a display that scans your face and replaces it with a famous face. Overlaid on the top of my face is someone famous, a celebrity. I don't know who.

The glow could find and swap only one face at a time, so Arthur put on a disguise,

Arthur puts on his sunglasses and pulls up his hood.

made a face with his fingers,

His face hidden, Arthur twists his fingers into a face.

and hoodwinked the future.

The same that had been on my mine appeared on Arthur's fake finger face.

I saw scads of 3D printers and wish I were more impressed and watched Link moon over an oculus rift.

A kid wearing a Link costume from Legend of Zelda looks on while someone wearing an Oculus Rift plays TraVR Shadow Ops.

I saw sweet bands from the street,

The Svetlanas from Russia.

and in the middle of the street,

The MC Dub FX.

saw the end of the world till assured such fear was but pi in the sky.

In the sky are numbers for pi: 3.14...


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