in my mouth

I’ve been reluctant to post many photos of the kid because the internet is the internet. Videos? Forget about it. But this one… oh gosh. It is the purest expression of curiosity, elation, confusion and alarm, and the overwhelming impulse to know and understand.

When the video ended, as with everything, the plastic ring went into his mouth. The coffee can went into his mouth. What just happened? I’ll put it in my mouth. How did it DO that? I’ll put it in my mouth. What does it MEAN? I’ll put it in my mouth. What can it tell me? It can tell me in my mouth.

From the moment I could hold him to tucking him in tonight, I can’t stop kissing my baby. Nuzzling, raspberrying, inhaling and devouring.

Who is this creature?
I’ll put him in my mouth.
Does he love me like I love him?
I’ll put him in my mouth.

Seven months on, he’s still so new, bursting with the joy and awe of first-time experiences.

I’d carry him like a cub if I could, from one thrilling discovery to the next.

This post has been backdated.

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