my headspace is a readspace

Stephen King postcard.

Back of postcard, on which Nathan has written, What is the most important thing you've written? What's the most important thing you've read?

The front of the postcard I returned to him, featuring a dolphin. It said San Diego but I crossed this out and wrote Austin. I also drew a tiny taco for the dolphin to eat.

The back of the postcard, essentially saying that deepsicks is the most important thing I've written and read. If you're listening to this and want to transcribe it, contact me and I'll be happy to do it. was born in 2002. All that glittered was code. I haven’t killed it yet, but I have put a few things in the graveyard. D6 has long-since moved to WordPress (current theme: Seasonal by Shaped Pixels), though some pages in the graveyard still rock Web 1.0.

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