• Caddo Lake

    We came for the moss, herons and egrets.                                                                       

  • Merge

    Three months on, and I still don’t have the words. But I do have the pictures, the whole day off, fingerless gloves and a sleepy dog wedging her head in the base of the roller chair.

  • New Orleans!

    My last and only time in the Crescent City, I was 20, a roadtrip pilgrimage to goth Mecca with Anna and Bennett to poke through cemeteries, corset shops and dance floors, adamant we had no interest in stalking Anne Rice.

  • Leaf Peepin

    October saw us on aeroplanes herk-jerkin to Boston that chewed us up in traffic and spit us out on 93. It was dark and stormy when we reached our destination—a New Hampshire cabin owned by Arthur’s aunt and uncle.

  • Big Bend and Marfa

    We wanted to camp in Big Bend and return to the McDonald Observatory. See the heavens through giant telescopes, through our naked eyes, tiny orbs in the galaxy and the Marfa lights.

  • algae poke

    We biked to where the algae poking was good, put sticks in it and stirred.    

  • Arkansas Adventure

    For Memorial Day Weekend we went to Hot Springs, Arkansas, famed for its ancient, bubbling waters the one-time cure-all of baseball players, gangsters and the frail elite, the ailing down-and-out, too. While some original offerings are intact—spas in the historic buildings along Bathhouse Row—tourist trap attractions have taken hold in haunted street tours, the duck-bus-boat-things