• recapped

    It was safest to walk down the center of the street, Minneapolis iced up mulling deep the responsi-liabilities, post-Christmas economy crash cow, it’s on us, you know. For worshiping idle, being economical, our faults, for knitting our own scarves to keep warm and our pennies, kill ourselves for loonies (MAD MEN!) how we’ll hang from

  • keeping my nose clean

    Though several days have passed since the election of the Next President of the United States, I haven’t updated since, and so: My guy won! Woohoo!

  • i went to the animal fair

    The birds and the beasts were there. On the way in the winding car of colleagues, eager to see bunnies and farmkid arts and crafts (I’m a llama woman, myself), I was bitching out fantastic all my being an American. It was a few weeks ago, the Sunday before the RNC. The arrests riling, piling

  • being a good american

    When I first heard months ago that the Republican National Convention would assemble in St. Paul, a tic tore through my body, psychosomatic dread and detestation you’re not welcome don’t you dare shield your faces in my city. Worst, my howled-raw voice and middle fingers wouldn’t be there. I thought about it—taking break from idyllic

  • let the shames begin

    Torn at the moment, an eight-year affair, two years divorced but I’m so goddamned close it’s all I can do to keep from crying just wanting to be there. On the streets of St. Paul, with my brothers in blood, siblings in thought, and neighbors being the best kind of Americans known how. I’m tempted

  • what will i done

    My train leaves in 6 hours. I know people who know people who have taken the same train just to take it—the journey the destination across the plains and through the mountains it’s so gorgeous, just you wait westward bound on the shamelessly named Empire Builder. When my dad was a little boy, he took