• Tantalus

    Your first time looking, you would be forgiven.

  • Bot Party meets SX

    SXSW 2016. I didn’t have a real badge this year and that was just fine. My FOMO has a incontrovertible bullshit detector of negative putting up with it, besides. I had robots to mind.

  • Horse of a Different Color

    But I didn’t want to just wave, carry a sign, trailing behind. I briefly entertained being a flying monkey but remembered hm, I have that horse head maskā€¦ of course! THE HORSE OF A DIFFERENT COLOR!

  • 2012 llama pageant: the kids are all right

    The Llama Costume Contest at the 2012 Minnesota State Fair returned with glorious, unbridled imagination and drama at every cloven step. Which clever sibling, competing side by side, will have the superior theme and costume execution? Will Annaliese and her Viking Ship Llama again reign supreme to recapture the Llama Crown? DEAR GOD is that