• three inches

    Not hard to keep my chin up, just hard to keep from laughing, I know better than to take anything too seriously.

  • the idiots

    Victoria finally got the guts, the ambition, the fire in its belly eating up the oxygen from the wind in its sails to scorch its fair citizens with 84 degrees, no breeze, brazen.

  • feeling all right

    Greatings! No cataclysms are occurring but good things nonetheless. First of all and most marvelously, I have a library internship at Utne magazine starting at the end of the month through the end of August. For those unaware, Utne is compiled from thousands of alternative and small-press publications, zines, books and internet sites, serving up

  • still lookin

    Hey. Still working on CSS hax0rz and stuff. Check out the Wormwood photos from the Meiosis release here. JM Coetzee’s Disgrace is the best-written book I’ve ever read. Thanks to Mark for insisting well over a year ago that I read it. I don’t know whether the delay reflects upon me poorly (about time) or

  • hi.

    Long time, no update, and nothing new to say now ‘cept ughhh I wanna graduate, tear the timeleech from my mind. I’ve had more kidney trouble and with the non-pain days, fevers, headaches, and apathy. Trying to get help has been a nightmare—long story short, to ensure insurance covers the bills, I’ll have to make

  • spring break bewarin’ the ides of march

    Last night at Kevin Kautzman’s Cocktail Party, I read a short creative nonfiction piece and a bit of The Teaching Emotion to a small and non-threatening crowd. Contrary to my fear, I did not freak out, though much to listeners’ bemusement and even my own, I felt the need and did indeed do some stretching