• Beats in Bones

    I don’t go dancing much anymore. Part of it is parking. Part is feeling old, bad neck back ached, past my bedtime and feeling out of element.

  • my first sxsw

    It was my first South by Southwest, smack in the heart of the beast of roving gangs of musicians and geeks emitting burned CDs like throwing stars, rising.

  • New York for a day

    Found Anna in her cherished windowed corner kitchen, glowing in the blank bright white of day, parleying with succulents, mending her mane. We et up Chinatown and stomped around SoHo, went to Coney Island to see what Grandma had to say. Oh, the possibilities! The claptrap chasms! Danced the darkness in and away.    

  • Costa Rica! Part 1: San José

    This post covers the first leg, when I was working in the capital San José, with some exploring on my own but mostly touring with university folks.

  • dancing in the dark

    Over a year later, my knee’s still not the same, but I find myself dancing anyway, in normal/weird places mostly subdued because well because that joint tenses up. Insert something poignant about passion and pain, vulnerability, fear of further injury, but I can’t lie. I don’t like attention from passersby, post-improv dark of night, we’re

  • sirens

    What’re you gonna be for Halloweeeeeeen? Hell if we know.

  • raincheck

    Note the date. The ticket, not torn. First time listening to the latest album, I knew I had to see them before the opening track was done: I dreamed about the few US tour locations with the might of so what, I can do this, do anything, I am an adult! now soon again, Happy