• sirens

    What’re you gonna be for Halloweeeeeeen? Hell if we know.

  • the season is come

    Dad said, everybody grab a rake!   Blood orange bat Dots. Adorable AND delicious.

  • scaring out hell

    The result of $4 in photocopies at Office Max, smashed against the Xerox glass. Oh. I bring it. Class, crass, brass sass and way too many teeth. Have a good one.  

  • the eve approacheth

    Gettin’ in the mood. Ima miss the fireworks this year, though. Oh, Canada.    

  • booooo target

    HAPPY OCTOBER! Tomorrow is the fifth annual Zombie Pub Crawl on the West Bank, Minneapolis. Though I’ve had my fill of BC zombie walks, this will be only my second ZPC (I am cool enough to have caught the inaugural). The tentative plan is to be a Longboarding Zombie, and to eat brains. Tracking down

  • boo bravo

    I am naturally biased, but oh, my lil jack-o-lantern squash turned out gorgeous. Its seeds weren’t bad, either.