• Infinite

    Here we go again, another near year between posts. It’s not for want of whoa.

  • moving om

    Moving soon to another part of the city, needing to pack early with the life rush, crush of everything I want to do and everything that’s asked of me, I first take down the walls. Tea tins and tchotchkes, wrapped in ragged tee shirts I can’t bring myself to throw away. If I kept it

  • sparkler lady

    Chain-lighting sparklers while Mom held back the toddlers, I burned only one boy.

  • meg holle, librarian

    After months of joyless weekends the semester is complete; three years told and kept quiet later in Beautiful BC, Canada, The World, and I are a graduate all over again. The degree is conferred in May when I shall commence thenceforth as Meg Holle the Librarian—a master of library and information studies, a fearless champion

  • for a limited time only

    The University of Victoria has a Ring Road and I have determined this to be a damned shame, consistently warping my sense of direction and claiming the distinction of long-standing university political contention. Why aren’t we on the inside of The Ring? like academics don’t have enough things to bitch about. The best green buildings,

  • being a good american

    When I first heard months ago that the Republican National Convention would assemble in St. Paul, a tic tore through my body, psychosomatic dread and detestation you’re not welcome don’t you dare shield your faces in my city. Worst, my howled-raw voice and middle fingers wouldn’t be there. I thought about it—taking break from idyllic

  • limb.o

    Hello, internets. I’m backed up on images with words falling into other places, and that’s just fine. April was roaming the seaside.               I was in a new temporary neighborhood, with a housesat decrepit cat in a temporary frame of mind, tromping around in Papa Bear’s purple Crocs and