• Everything Is Terrible

    Roaming the Lake Street Savers, I spied my first Jerry in the wild. I had to buy it, of course, and of course planned to send it to Everything Is Terrible’s Maguire Watch, but now I kind of want to keep it. It’s so… alluring. And magical. It really ties the room, my apartment and

  • d6 redux!

    Yippee and hooray, deepsicks is new new! as friends of the site will notice.

  • it’s ALIVE! the death reference desk

    Hey, everyone! I invite you to check out the latest library science-y meets morbid curiosity monument in my ever-expanding empire. The Death Reference Desk is a project I am thrilled to be part of with another librarian, Kim Anderson based in Portland, Oregon, and John Erik Troyer, a professor of death and dying studies in

  • heir to the era, et cetera

    Fist-twist the huhhhh? out of your eyes and gaze upon the new empire. The front-end of deepsicks is now powered by WordPress, “semantic personal publishing platform” eXtraordinaire. In less loftiness, I got some new blog software. It’s neat. It’s mighty. It will allow me to do things hitherto impossible or too arcane to figure out

  • passing the timing

    Mid-May my laptop’s A/C adapter expires and I can’t seem to replace it locally for under $150 say what? yeah, and I get sick of looking—the Mom and Pop shrugging and the superslick Big Box Boys shoving into my hands product I can’t afford then blocking the rack so I can’t put it back while

  • happy birthday, d6!

    This March marks the fifth year of deepsicks dot com! Five years old, baby honey! SOOOO BIG! I’d like to celebrate with more than mac n cheese (called Kraft Dinner here, all culture shockingly, commercial soundbite trashproud pearly whites), but five-year-olds like garish food with fridge-triage tomato and fake meat, yeah? I hope so, I