• accoladen

    We are more than our building.
    We are More Than Books.

  • weeding wonder

    I’m doing grubby pulls, the grossest of the gross, a final sweep before we RFID everything. Get those torn, ragged, stained, worn smokers’ home monstrosities off the shelf.

  • Big Bend and Marfa

    We wanted to camp in Big Bend and return to the McDonald Observatory. See the heavens through giant telescopes, through our naked eyes, tiny orbs in the galaxy and the Marfa lights.

  • my new job

    Yomicon—”reading con”—is an annual anime/manga/cosplay event for teens at the Austin Public Library. The free five-hour event features geeky crafts, gaming, costume and art contests, Magic, Minecraft, manga drawing workshops and tons of nerd swag. They asked for staff volunteers; they got a creepy horse galomping about, nuzzling shrieking children. I worked the photo booth,

  • Chapter Next: Austin, TX

    Librarians, we’re the worst, we never rest, men in black will march to the reference desk, muzzle cries of access, freedom to read, information privacy, making inner worlds safe for democracy, enriched and courageous, one worth embracing.

  • adventures in libraryland, San Diego edition

    Work sent me to San Diego. I did a lot of puking, hating my skin and presenting research skills half outside my body. My last day there I finally felt limber and walked around the city, eating acai bowls and telling the map lady in my fancy phone, “Library.” WALK PAST AVIAN SURVEILLANCE. WIDEN EYES

  • it’s ALIVE! the death reference desk

    Hey, everyone! I invite you to check out the latest library science-y meets morbid curiosity monument in my ever-expanding empire. The Death Reference Desk is a project I am thrilled to be part of with another librarian, Kim Anderson based in Portland, Oregon, and John Erik Troyer, a professor of death and dying studies in

  • meg holle dot commed

    Hey, youse. This is sadly a mere shout for the moment. I am alive and back in Vancouver business, busying myself with school and deferring it, banging my head on my overslept bed, and ceiling. Oh, basement suite. You bring out the most colorful curses. But the real news, oh boy! is I’ve managed to