• Northern Spark 2012

    Bikes in tow, brother Rob and I zoomed all over the gorgeous Minneapolis night for street tacos, impromptu dance parties, flame-thrower bicycles, giant puppets, wee shadow poppets, critical mass traffic jams and games with light and sound.

  • our trolls are no face

    I wonder if they know the other side of the tunnel will only show the same sunset storm sky, but I suppose this assumes they’ll make it. Takes it for granted they saw it once already and decided it wasn’t enough or what they thought telling or important to confront, to mend. Didn’t hit the

  • nicollet’s jinn

    Sinbad’s Cafe and Deli on Nicollet Ave has been closed for months, maybe years now.

  • 36 tornadoes came to minnesota

    and all the Cities got was this orangesicle sky. Through with day before the night, that’s just what the light looked like, and everyone left their window panes to stand in the roiling heat of the street, meet their neighbors and share what they know about science.  

  • aaaaaaaaand we’re back

    We were back weeks ago, but Life had other plans. What are your plans? Continuity? Happens anyway.   Hides things.    

  • not the one

    You know the part in The Road where they leave Omar naked at the side of the path and the man admonishes the boy for sulking, thinking it’s his job to care and be concerned about every wretched soul who would slit his throat and eat his sweetmeats, “You’re not the one who has to