• new neighbors

    I woke up yesterday to a couple new neighbors all up in my bricks. The throwup on the left has been there for months… but what’s this new hat thing?   Following a short stroll around the neighborhood in the crazy gorgeous weather, I found a couple more. Oh. I see now. They’re lil’ cross-armed

  • nicollet caged

    They say they can tell you weren’t born in Minneapolis by the way you can’t get Nicollet out your mouth right. Gotta swallow that middle syllable whole (read: there isn’t one) while giving a little headjerk nod of knowing, like acknowledging a peripheral you don’t actually want to talk to or pretending you’re a horse.

  • whittier hell note

    If the French hadn’t colonized Vietnam, I wouldn’t be eating this tasty bread.

  • blame art

    Someones have been re-imagining my bike commute along the 35W sound / city-killer wall. I blame art!