• dour thoughts

    There are things I will never recover. There are things I shouldn’t keep.

  • weeding wonder

    I’m doing grubby pulls, the grossest of the gross, a final sweep before we RFID everything. Get those torn, ragged, stained, worn smokers’ home monstrosities off the shelf.

  • the middle highway

    Who knows how many times the collection had been shifted till at last stars aligned and mind and no mind met Arizona highways?

  • all backed up

    I returned from Costa Rica to a sick machine. Can’t fool me, I knew it was a goner, and it did too.

  • mississippi megalops

    I have a hard time relaxing. Every hour is structured, how else will life and death get done? and when the warm weather comes and wants my sweat, I kinda freak out. Fun is so much fun, but the sun, so unproductive. Thanks, Sam, for inciting adventure. At 2 a.m. we sneak on a riverboat

  • aaaaaaaaand we’re back

    We were back weeks ago, but Life had other plans. What are your plans? Continuity? Happens anyway.   Hides things.