• what will i done

    My train leaves in 6 hours. I know people who know people who have taken the same train just to take it—the journey the destination across the plains and through the mountains it’s so gorgeous, just you wait westward bound on the shamelessly named Empire Builder. When my dad was a little boy, he took

  • righting now

    Working at the library, I have an hour lunch break I take late afternoon, often outside when the weather suits fine. I sit in the grass and eat and read and have taken to the squirrels and taken flak for it. Mangy, vicious beasts! Vile creatures, too quick and crawly wily! I break off pieces

  • figure C

    Humor for a moment my crush on the Buddha—or should I say what can I say? I enjoy thinking about not thinking and living the life I’m not killing. In my flirtation I have run across the following dialogue between the layman Ho and the Chinese Zen master Baso. With this exchange, Ho became deeply

  • brrrrrrrrrrawr

    Pedestrians run. The enemy is all around. I stare at the ground through the slit between my scarf and hat; an inch eye elevated to see where I’m going would widen a crevice and I’d be caught at the throat down the coat cold eviscerated. I could be hit by a truck and not notice,

  • feeling all right

    Greatings! No cataclysms are occurring but good things nonetheless. First of all and most marvelously, I have a library internship at Utne magazine starting at the end of the month through the end of August. For those unaware, Utne is compiled from thousands of alternative and small-press publications, zines, books and internet sites, serving up

  • a perfect cycle

    I move Labor Day weekend, all right! and it will be the seventh time in four years. I don’t have a real good reason to push on this time—the rent’s cheap and the place ain’t bad—but I do know this: every time I move, things change. New environments make new thoughts, and I escape routine

  • get comfortable

    …because this entry is long. Go make some iced tea or something. I’m serious. Ready? All right. First off, 28 Days Later blew my freakin’ mind. Apocalyptic, telling, thought-and-feel-provoking, the plot was maddeningly simple almost edging absurdity but delivered so well I didn’t care. Belief suspended, I was shoved inside, and the cinematography… astounding. Very visually