• Better Angels

    As a Travis County precinct chair with hundreds of door-hangers, Arthur has knocked on hundreds of doors.

  • our trolls are no face

    I wonder if they know the other side of the tunnel will only show the same sunset storm sky, but I suppose this assumes they’ll make it. Takes it for granted they saw it once already and decided it wasn’t enough or what they thought telling or important to confront, to mend. Didn’t hit the

  • keeping my nose clean

    Though several days have passed since the election of the Next President of the United States, I haven’t updated since, and so: My guy won! Woohoo!

  • more fun than Eddie Murphy in French

    It’s been tough this election season, being in Canada where the action ain’t (and they’ve their own campaigns to mind). Mostly, I cry. Oh glorious day, when my absentee ballot arrived. In 2006 I took a photo to commemorate my Secrecy Envelope. This year, I’ve pulled out all the stops to document my patriotic anguish

  • i went to the animal fair

    The birds and the beasts were there. On the way in the winding car of colleagues, eager to see bunnies and farmkid arts and crafts (I’m a llama woman, myself), I was bitching out fantastic all my being an American. It was a few weeks ago, the Sunday before the RNC. The arrests riling, piling

  • being a good american

    When I first heard months ago that the Republican National Convention would assemble in St. Paul, a tic tore through my body, psychosomatic dread and detestation you’re not welcome don’t you dare shield your faces in my city. Worst, my howled-raw voice and middle fingers wouldn’t be there. I thought about it—taking break from idyllic