• the future needs me present

    I finished a journal last week—another volume in the life of megh, bringing with it a sense of accomplishment “I did it!” did what? and the ominous intimidation of a brand new blank book waiting (though my journaling is sporadic, I already have another one gilded flowery). The last one took me about a year,

  • fundrazing

    Coming home from work Wednesday, pulling off downhill parallel parking with ease, some ten-year-olds on cool bikes accost me as I get out of my car. “Do you want to buy a C-Book so we can buy a new teacher?” “A new teacher?!” “Yeah, and we don’t have any gym stuff, either.” “Huh. What’s a

  • deter.mining

    I have grown weary of the politics of not talking about politics. As Election 2004 approaches, we are bombarded with misinfotainment and general media absurdity (both ketchup and mustard?). Being blessed without cable television, I’ve been able to avoid the majority of the least common denominator noise brought to us by filled with blanks. But

  • tuning out, turning in

    And how was your day? and how was your day? and how was your day at every moment step stop of the way could be doing anything, so I decided I would. Stop writing about writing, talking about talking, dreaming about dreaming. Now I do about doing. I am on sabbatical, become every bit as

  • Joy, Rage, and Adventures in Interlibrary Loan

    Greetings. The holidays were great. I’m still on vacation until the 21st, yay. Been busy working and trying to nurse my sick computer back to health. If you have the piece-of-junk MSN Messenger tag-along program “loadqm” running in the background of your Windows, kill it, now. At least I’m pretty sure that’s what’s been giving