• meg holle, librarian

    After months of joyless weekends the semester is complete; three years told and kept quiet later in Beautiful BC, Canada, The World, and I are a graduate all over again. The degree is conferred in May when I shall commence thenceforth as Meg Holle the Librarian—a master of library and information studies, a fearless champion

  • waves

    T-minus 40 days and 40 nights till I turn in my final paper, feel the flood, swallow the West River, allah that. I’m hanging in there, cracking knuckles and shading in shallows, drafting blueprints, dragging footprints, keeping all my promises by making none. Wish we could hang out, Vancouver. Get some tea, some sushi, trouble

  • how to watch a lunar eclipse

    I inherited a tripod from one of my new roommates. It is basic but serviceable. I know there’s no way my camera will catch the moon missing, but the February 21 lunar eclipse is a good opportunity to take out the tripod and practice unmoving. Speaking of (un)moving, things have been good here in Victoria,

  • happy birthday, d6!

    This March marks the fifth year of deepsicks dot com! Five years old, baby honey! SOOOO BIG! I’d like to celebrate with more than mac n cheese (called Kraft Dinner here, all culture shockingly, commercial soundbite trashproud pearly whites), but five-year-olds like garish food with fridge-triage tomato and fake meat, yeah? I hope so, I

  • building a desert

    Here in library school, the mantra goes, “The first semester is hard.” All new students take the same four classes together and it’s murderous then it’s over, and you can move on to courses no less hard but allegedly less intensive. …Was the refrain, almost a point of pride we survived, and kid, you’ll survive