• Big Bend and Marfa

    We wanted to camp in Big Bend and return to the McDonald Observatory. See the heavens through giant telescopes, through our naked eyes, tiny orbs in the galaxy and the Marfa lights.

  • my first sxsw

    It was my first South by Southwest, smack in the heart of the beast of roving gangs of musicians and geeks emitting burned CDs like throwing stars, rising.

  • raincheck

    Note the date. The ticket, not torn. First time listening to the latest album, I knew I had to see them before the opening track was done: I dreamed about the few US tour locations with the might of so what, I can do this, do anything, I am an adult! now soon again, Happy

  • we came down from the north

    I went to Portland, gosh it happened fast. Vegan sushi speed chess toilet down the hall and tiny soaps on ropes I’m taking them all, lost in Powell’s Books and ciphering suitcase allocation—not back to Van, but leaving the whole coast. Silent reading, so much volume, words are so much weight. Greyhound will growl, Canada

  • for a limited time only

    The University of Victoria has a Ring Road and I have determined this to be a damned shame, consistently warping my sense of direction and claiming the distinction of long-standing university political contention. Why aren’t we on the inside of The Ring? like academics don’t have enough things to bitch about. The best green buildings,

  • happy birthday, d6!

    This March marks the fifth year of deepsicks dot com! Five years old, baby honey! SOOOO BIG! I’d like to celebrate with more than mac n cheese (called Kraft Dinner here, all culture shockingly, commercial soundbite trashproud pearly whites), but five-year-olds like garish food with fridge-triage tomato and fake meat, yeah? I hope so, I

  • will, way, check.

    If you’re reading this, I’m a genius, or dogged enough to figure out how to make it happen—ftp from the university in secrecy as though anyone would care, really, though surreptitious down- and uploading is undoubtedly frowned upon. I’ve been working at a library at the U of M since the beginning of September to

  • feeling all right

    Greatings! No cataclysms are occurring but good things nonetheless. First of all and most marvelously, I have a library internship at Utne magazine starting at the end of the month through the end of August. For those unaware, Utne is compiled from thousands of alternative and small-press publications, zines, books and internet sites, serving up