• fake shows

    Dan will be throwing down some noise tomorrow night—Monday the 24th—at Old Broadway, located at 22 Broadway in downtown Fargo. You should go because I can’t. Also playing is Kurt Schultz of Minneapolis and St. Vitas. On June 5, check out: chip off the old block presented by grindthieves, international and saboingaden productions, featuring curtis

  • gother than thou

    Persuaded by my roommate and giving into my own morbid(curios)ity, I attended the First Annual Goth Prom at the Saloon. “First Annual” anything makes me giggle, goth makes me grin, and prom makes me run screaming in the other direction. Throw into the mix early next morning uppage for work, obligatory “dress up” including eye-punch

  • deepsicks? meet mozilla!

    My Internet Explorer has been hijacked by some crap bogus-link search engine that continually changes my homepage. I’ve tried the virus software and ad-aware scans, the search-and-destroy bots, shredders and manual key registry adjustments. Nothing works—nothing. So instead of fighting the damn thing, I downloaded the open-source browser Mozilla. I’m getting the hang of it.

  • whisper revisited

    I’ve added some photos from the Whisper in the Noise show last Thursday at the 7th Street. The show was spectacular once again, and many props/hugs/high fives to Danno who drove feverish miles to accompany me. I like it when my friends like the things I like. I replaced the berloody I Killed My Internet

  • a whisper in the noise

    Yes, I am supposed to be dead. I am trying. It is hard. But diplomacy and passion drive me to encourage all to check out A Whisper in the Noise. This past Thursday I attended their CD release show at the Triple Rock. In collaboration with Duluth-based experimental guitar noise band If Thousands, AWitN unveiled

  • goodbye, cruel worldwideweb

    A couple mornings ago I noticed an .mpg all conspicuous-like on my server; it was uploaded by Dan, who shares this space, and how precious the weirdness that waited upon discovery of the Scar Strangled Banter (the film has been moved to another server—see news item above). The bizarre brainchild of Brandon Marback, SSB combines

  • fake fake fake

      About a year ago I attended the First Annual Fargo Winter Carnivale and danced all crazy-like before the stage, blown away by Fakeproject. After a series of emails, trials, errors and significant loads of mutual respect and awe, a year later—last weekend—I found myself on the stage performing with Fake (aka Dan Reetz). Yeah.

  • happy new year

    I don’t make resolutions, I make demands, and I want to get what I want. I want a job I care about that’s not in a suburb, I want to return to Uptown slash “that feeling,” and I want to ride a bike everywhere I need and would care to go. Yesterday I saw the