• Secretly Punk Rock

    I attended the multi-band, skateboard/bmx/motocross fest Warped Tour in St. Paul a couple weeks ago… yeah, yeah, I’m way slow with updates these days—work, school, blah blah blah. Anyway. I had a lot of fun despite not seeing Bad Religion because of the massive flash-flood rainstorm and having missed most of Thursday because the tour

  • …And You All Thought I Died

    I apologize for the lack of updates, but I think a congratulations is in order, as I HAVE SURVIVED A HELL WEEK! mixed with ~heaven~ (ooooooo!) Wanna hear about it? Of course you do! Thursday was my last day of (first summer session) class, but I had a final paper yet to write, due on

  • stepping beyond

    This piece was first composed July 10, 2001, as an email to three friends then expanded and revised in the spring of 2002 in a creative nonfiction course. Yes, it’s a true story—the Real MacKaye. 🙂 If ever you eat at My Viet in Fargo, North Dakota, check out the upright beverage cooler crammed with fruit

  • Untitled

    THE TEACHING EMOTION IS ON SALE! That’s right, folks, you too can experience the full brunt of deepsicks by ordering the novel from Booksurge. I have placed an order myself for 50 books which I will sell myself at discount, but this order has yet to be filled much less shipped and received, so it’s

  • Untitled

    Hey. There’s been some technical difficulties—nothing grand mal, just sufficient to cause delay with the books. But enough about that. How ’bout this weather and my increasing fascination with humanity? awed by the jazz-blasting bus driver dressed to the nines and microfilm from ’62 when MLK Jr. was still alive and temperatures in the warm

  • Untitled

    Hello, all. After suffering through a crushing barrage of midterm papers and exams, I’m now on spring break. On the agenda: proof the proof, visit friends and family, and rock out at Bad Religion (yippee!). I also finally get to see Wookiefoot, the kindly hippie-hophip-I-dunno-what-the-hell group whose flophouse mansion I park in front of during