• not the one

    You know the part in The Road where they leave Omar naked at the side of the path and the man admonishes the boy for sulking, thinking it’s his job to care and be concerned about every wretched soul who would slit his throat and eat his sweetmeats, “You’re not the one who has to

  • new neighbors

    I woke up yesterday to a couple new neighbors all up in my bricks. The throwup on the left has been there for months… but what’s this new hat thing?   Following a short stroll around the neighborhood in the crazy gorgeous weather, I found a couple more. Oh. I see now. They’re lil’ cross-armed

  • nicollet caged

    They say they can tell you weren’t born in Minneapolis by the way you can’t get Nicollet out your mouth right. Gotta swallow that middle syllable whole (read: there isn’t one) while giving a little headjerk nod of knowing, like acknowledging a peripheral you don’t actually want to talk to or pretending you’re a horse.

  • whittier hell note

    If the French hadn’t colonized Vietnam, I wouldn’t be eating this tasty bread.

  • blame art

    Someones have been re-imagining my bike commute along the 35W sound / city-killer wall. I blame art!