• I said yes

    In June 2011 I said yes when Bree cajoled me into coming to the Twin Cities Improv Fest afterparty, like we were the cool kids, not superfan creepers.

  • 2012 llama pageant: the kids are all right

    The Llama Costume Contest at the 2012 Minnesota State Fair returned with glorious, unbridled imagination and drama at every cloven step. Which clever sibling, competing side by side, will have the superior theme and costume execution? Will Annaliese and her Viking Ship Llama again reign supreme to recapture the Llama Crown? DEAR GOD is that

  • House on the Rock

    A shaky truth inside rebuke: Desire this wild, this intense and detailed excises the requirement to answer for it.

  • adventures in libraryland, San Diego edition

    Work sent me to San Diego. I did a lot of puking, hating my skin and presenting research skills half outside my body. My last day there I finally felt limber and walked around the city, eating acai bowls and telling the map lady in my fancy phone, “Library.” WALK PAST AVIAN SURVEILLANCE. WIDEN EYES