• you are not dead media

    FPCAN’s Danielle Marleau, producer/director at Black Pants, discusses You Are Not Dead on Canada’s teevee (!)

  • you are not dead: a play for modest giving

    You Are Not Dead: A Guide to Modern Living is becoming a play! In 2008 Daniel Reetz and I released this music, image and text collaboration online for free. It filtered through Vancouver peripheries into the imagination of Danielle Marleau of Black Pants and is being adapted as a stage production for premiere mid-May in

  • the Midtown Greenway makes the seawall say mercy

    And I hain’t sayin just ’cause I left it. The city of glass and its hazy reflection, its Olympian construction built to blast any doubt Vancouver is supreme. This perfect view, this perfect path, this paradise ride, the seawall doesn’t get you where you’re going. It reminds you what you’re borrowing. Opulence and blueprint beauty

  • everyone’s a tourist

    A few weeks ago James and I trekked to Queen Elizabeth Park to take in some pollen, pat some bees, eat a bag of sour sweets, hug trees and other hippie activities. We saw no less than seven wedding parties, some extravagant high school graduates and a cadre of cross-dressed cosplay kids, all preening for