• limb.o

    Hello, internets. I’m backed up on images with words falling into other places, and that’s just fine. April was roaming the seaside.               I was in a new temporary neighborhood, with a housesat decrepit cat in a temporary frame of mind, tromping around in Papa Bear’s purple Crocs and

  • worthe it

    Walking home from the fake chicken store, I see a couple kids across the street, business-poised proud and hailing me over. Yippee, and hell yeah! Young entrepreneurs selling some flavors, lemon sour sugar sweet refreshment on an okay, so it’s a gray April day that doesn’t need ice-cold relief. But a brightening…? I’ll take it.

  • how to watch a lunar eclipse

    I inherited a tripod from one of my new roommates. It is basic but serviceable. I know there’s no way my camera will catch the moon missing, but the February 21 lunar eclipse is a good opportunity to take out the tripod and practice unmoving. Speaking of (un)moving, things have been good here in Victoria,

  • new happy year

    When I first moved to Vancouver, I had a three-month sublet, a bedroom filled with meanings not my own. Everything is temporary, knew that already, eating off a stranger’s plates and sleeping in a stranger’s bed. I looked forward to a different living situation to have a space of my own, with my own things,