• weeding wonder

    I’m doing grubby pulls, the grossest of the gross, a final sweep before we RFID everything. Get those torn, ragged, stained, worn smokers’ home monstrosities off the shelf.

  • my first sxsw

    It was my first South by Southwest, smack in the heart of the beast of roving gangs of musicians and geeks emitting burned CDs like throwing stars, rising.

  • Chapter Next: Austin, TX

    Librarians, we’re the worst, we never rest, men in black will march to the reference desk, muzzle cries of access, freedom to read, information privacy, making inner worlds safe for democracy, enriched and courageous, one worth embracing.

  • House on the Rock

    A shaky truth inside rebuke: Desire this wild, this intense and detailed excises the requirement to answer for it.

  • monster peace lily: 3 in 3 in 1.5 infinity

    My peace lily has its own soundtrack. Really it’s just one song, and only 1.5 seconds of a song, and that song is Disturbed’s “Down with the Sickness” where the guy goes WAAAA-AA-AAA-AAAAAH! A housewarming gift from my mom about a year ago (bought at Ikea, naturally), this beast has flowered an astounding three times

  • 36 tornadoes came to minnesota

    and all the Cities got was this orangesicle sky. Through with day before the night, that’s just what the light looked like, and everyone left their window panes to stand in the roiling heat of the street, meet their neighbors and share what they know about science.