• you are not dead media

    FPCAN’s Danielle Marleau, producer/director at Black Pants, discusses You Are Not Dead on Canada’s teevee (!)

  • everyone’s a tourist

    A few weeks ago James and I trekked to Queen Elizabeth Park to take in some pollen, pat some bees, eat a bag of sour sweets, hug trees and other hippie activities. We saw no less than seven wedding parties, some extravagant high school graduates and a cadre of cross-dressed cosplay kids, all preening for

  • paradigm SHIFT!

    I know what youall are thinking, you’re thinking tell us about Vancouver! and get all philosophical while you punish us with your emotional agenda! Sorry, folks, but I’ve been ill with a nasty cold and overwhelmed with various activities of the needful kind and sneaking in the exploration when I’m not pass-out fatigued or dizzy

  • stepping beyond

    This piece was first composed July 10, 2001, as an email to three friends then expanded and revised in the spring of 2002 in a creative nonfiction course. Yes, it’s a true story—the Real MacKaye. 🙂 If ever you eat at My Viet in Fargo, North Dakota, check out the upright beverage cooler crammed with fruit