• Infinite

    Here we go again, another near year between posts. It’s not for want of whoa.

  • accoladen

    We are more than our building.
    We are More Than Books.

  • Horse of a Different Color

    But I didn’t want to just wave, carry a sign, trailing behind. I briefly entertained being a flying monkey but remembered hm, I have that horse head mask… of course! THE HORSE OF A DIFFERENT COLOR!

  • above and beyond!

    Well, lookee this! My horsehead antics at Yomicon won me an award! Here’s what my nominator had to say about my services: Read more about my new job at my portfolio site, megholle.com.  

  • my new job

    Yomicon—”reading con”—is an annual anime/manga/cosplay event for teens at the Austin Public Library. The free five-hour event features geeky crafts, gaming, costume and art contests, Magic, Minecraft, manga drawing workshops and tons of nerd swag. They asked for staff volunteers; they got a creepy horse galomping about, nuzzling shrieking children. I worked the photo booth,

  • Chapter Next: Austin, TX

    Librarians, we’re the worst, we never rest, men in black will march to the reference desk, muzzle cries of access, freedom to read, information privacy, making inner worlds safe for democracy, enriched and courageous, one worth embracing.

  • hotelandia

    Since I’ve started traveling for work, friends and family have asked me, “How is This City?” and I don’t know what to tell them. I get off a plane onto a train or a taxi straight to Hotelandia where I work, sleep and eat, outside of some modest evening exploration with colleagues to blow our