• Pep Talk

    JK Rowling tells me what’s up.                                                                

  • snail chainmail

    He shines at cutting to the chase. Upfront about openness and great at advice, our hearts have often been in the best worst place, and he never lets me get away with not knowing what I’m really saying.

  • three inches

    Not hard to keep my chin up, just hard to keep from laughing, I know better than to take anything too seriously.

  • FPCAN’s You Are Not Dead

    To complement the You Are Not Dead seminar experience going down in Vancouver May 27 – June 5, Daniel Reetz and I have published You Are Not Dead: A Guide to Modern Living (the Canadian Edition).


    … is live! The play based on my work, You Are Not Dead: A Guide to Modern Living runs in Vancouver May 27 – June 5. Tickets are on sale now! Check out the Fakeproject Corporation Canadian Chapter for more information. A printed copy of the guide, filled with Daniel Reetz’s gorgeous images, will be

  • 1627 words

    So I was thinking. How complicating and annoying and dehumanizing it is to be human with our sex bits and socialized social sophistication, communication evolved to its apparent highest form—manipulation, deception and double-fisted entendre. Hard not to love that too, for all its playfulness. Possibility. Making words do the unexpected and wonderful, why, it’s my