• zombie commodity

    In 2008 for the Victoria, BC, zombiewalk I made brains out of bread and glue and had them gaping through a tear in my toque: Three years later, Target sells it for $12: [quote source=”” rating=”0″]Flattering? Infuriating? Am I really smart or really stupid, both or neither or nothing?[/quote] BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAINS.  

  • booooo target

    HAPPY OCTOBER! Tomorrow is the fifth annual Zombie Pub Crawl on the West Bank, Minneapolis. Though I’ve had my fill of BC zombie walks, this will be only my second ZPC (I am cool enough to have caught the inaugural). The tentative plan is to be a Longboarding Zombie, and to eat brains. Tracking down

  • zombies, hooray!

    A few hundred zombies lurched from Centennial Square to the Legislature and back, with a detour through the Bay Centre shopping mall and occasional pause to pose with the screaming children of Korean tourists.


    In effort to raise funds to ship myself to Canada, I am offering the last print of famed and fabled ZOMBIKEN! up for ebay auction.

  • will, way, check.

    If you’re reading this, I’m a genius, or dogged enough to figure out how to make it happen—ftp from the university in secrecy as though anyone would care, really, though surreptitious down- and uploading is undoubtedly frowned upon. I’ve been working at a library at the U of M since the beginning of September to